Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A (Late) Resolution for 2011:

Blog more. Bitch less.

Well, not really...since most of this blog is all about ranting and raving, so if you take out the bitching...that would be nothing...kinda like what I posted on this thing in 2010 (Seriously. Two posts?!?)

But maybe...just maybe...if I write it down here I will express less bitterness in my real life. Probably not. But worth a try.

Not a lot has changed since March of last year...just that Boyfriend+ is now Hubby and we moved in with my parents. Weeeeee? :|

Yeah, you heard me. We moved in with my parents...back into the room I had with pink and purple flowers on every surface when I was four years old. And we brought our roommates with us. Six grown adults and two beastly dogs all under one roof. Sound like fun?

It hasn't been as bad as you are imagining...I promise. In fact it hasn't been bad at all. Mom does our laundry for us and we all take turns with dinner. It is almost like a little cooperative commune...without the body odor.

You might ask why we would move out of our perfectly serviceable house as newlyweds and go live with the 'rents. The answer is mostly because we are slobs.

Our house is on the market and basically we can't be trusted not to spill red juice on the white carpet. (Seriously...three separate red juice incidents...it looked like a crime scene up in there).

Well actually our house isn't on the market...but it is sitting there, waiting for that special someone to sweep her off her feet. House is on the rebound since we had the perfect suitor who wooed her and brought her flowers and everything and then BAM! Just days before sealing the deal (and Christmas...the bastard) she was dumped. It was a sad time for all, full of ice cream binges and stuffing cookies into our mouths in darkened corners. Not pretty. But we are all healed now and ready to get out there and SELL THAT HOUSE!

Anyone wanna buy my house? Seriously...I'm a newlywed...living with my parents...with four feet between our bedroom doors...this can only go on for so long.

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