Monday, January 7, 2008

I Hate Your Carbon Copy

I love email…mostly because I am a phonephobic. No…seriously…I have a mini anxiety attack every time I have to make a call…and GOD FORBID I have to leave a message…EEEEEEE! But that is irrelevant to this post.

Why must you CC me on the crunchiest of emails? Like for instance…let’s say that there is a young man living in my complex which is overrun by 40-60 year-old women. And let’s say that the younger guy has some friends over for a little get together that ends up going late. The course of action…if you are disturbed by this…should be to knock on his door and tell him to keep it down. It should not be to write him a berating email the next day and CC the ENTIRE complex mailing list.

But beyond that...people…if you are CCed on one of these types of emails…don’t reply to all and nod in agreement. The CC function is purely to keep people in the loop…not for public humiliation.

This has been a public service announcement on email etiquette…because knowing is half the battle.


Jonathan said...

I feel your pain... my non-geek friends keep emailing me in on warnings about hacking attempts - or posting crap to me on Facebook about it...

When WILL they learn that it's all b*llsh*t ?

Troy said...

I think a research paper could be written on the psychological aspects of Being CC's on stuff, as well as being BCC'd. Did he really mean to BCC me on that.. does he really know what that means?