Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Yeah…so '07 had its ups and downs…but all in all…in the top 50th percentile of good years. '08…now this is a different story. It is gonna ROCK! How do I know? Because…here is my list of resolutions that are going to aid in making 2008 the greatest year of Ashley’s life to date. I will:
  • Blog more - I know this is the most important one to you. November wore me out…but I am back.
  • Not go crazy - This is key. I did a pretty good job this year and the year before. But '04-'05…yipes stripes.
  • Get a few more friends - Not that my current three friends aren’t enough…but I would like to be able to have enough people to put on my myspace top 4 to not include my sister’s ex-cat’s space. Miss you Fred.
  • Win the lottery - You might say…that is a stupid resolution…you have no control over that. Well you might be right…but I have just as much chance of winning the lottery as improving my diet and exercise habits so why not?
  • Get out of scary debt and into that good kind of debt that people talk about - Yes…I admit it. I am one of those morons who bought a house that she really can’t afford and is presently being reamed by my mortgage payment. Save the lecture…I know it by heart. So I am gonna take advantage of our brilliant president’s misplaced pity and get me a better loan.
  • Train my monsters to be dogs - I watched the Dog Whisperer marathon…piece of cake.
So yeah…'08…it is gonna ROCK!

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Jonathan said...

Hehehe... I like the comment about your "brilliant President" :)

I'm wondering what direction to take my blog in this year. Something more thoughtful would be more fun to write, but I fear would kill the readership.