Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Value Of A Dollar

I work in the construction industry. I know all about the value of good estimate. That is why I was shocked…no disgusted…when I recently received a bill that was 636% of the original estimate. Say WHA?!?! Not double...or triple...more than sextuple! I had to look that up because I had never even heard the word for six-fold before for crying out loud.

I want to write more about this subject…but I am unable to express the sheer disbelief that I am feeling in words. I know we are in dire financial shape in this country…but really…is this the type of inflation I should be expecting? Cause if that is the case I should start looking for my sturdy refrigerator box now…all the good homes will be taken if I wait too long.


Jonathan said...

Is this following the line of economics where if you have 100 customers, you charge them a dollar each, but if you only have 1 customer, you charge them 100 dollars ?

Beverley Viljoen said...

Ok, So what was the upshot of this?