Wednesday, September 5, 2007

From the Depths of the Bottomless Pit


I love my family, but there is one particular aspect of family outings that sucks. My family eats. They eat so freaking much. Family vacations are centered around where we will eat next. My dad actually planned a stop for dinner at Hal’s Eat ‘Em Up in Red Bluff, CA (a real gem) on the way to Oregon. Eating out three meals a day for three days is exhausting.

But aside from exhausting it sets a dangerous precedent. I have received a great deal of criticism for my stomach stretching theory. But it is proven right here. I just ate my normal two eggos for breakfast and I am still hungry. So I eat a nectarine…still freaking hungry. Eating with my family over the long weekend has apparently stretched my stomach to the size of…I don’t know…something big. So now I have to deal with the insatiable aching cavern that is my belly for at least a few days until it shrinks back down to normal size.

But until then…I AM STARVING!