Monday, September 17, 2007

Medusa Lives

I am a car makeup artist.

There…I admitted it. I know you hate my kind. But I am not the one who is putting on eyeliner while speeding down the freeway (most of the time). I am pretty good at getting most of my makeup in place without looking in the mirror and mostly at stop lights.

The reason for this is that my makeup lives in my car. I have tried keeping it in the house, but I always seem to then be without it when I need it. I have had many instances of showing up at school or at work without my normal makeup on. The reaction is always the same…people turn to stone. Well, not really…but they do get a pained look on there faces and then ask me if I feel well and encourage me to go home and spare them.

So I took my makeup inside (dummy) and today I was once again without it. So I improvised and borrowed some of my mom’s makeup.

I guess I never realized that my mother was a member of the Tammy Faye makeup club.


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Beverley Viljoen said...

i've seen this been done, and it is really impressive.