Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Puppy Love

I worked from home today. The best part about working at home is that I get to spend my day with my puppies. They are hardly puppies anymore, but I call them that to fool myself into thinking that their bad behavior is because they are still young and mischievous and not because I am a bad doggie momma.


Bailey and Morgan are their names but those names are all wrong. They were chosen with the family pet naming convention of all names having to do with alcoholic beverages, previous names include Brandy and Corky (I named him pre Life Goes On, and that caused all sorts or inappropriate “special” jokes throughout my childhood). So since I can’t rename them for fear of confusion when asking them to sit and stuff, I will rename them for blogging purposes to what they should be called, Gus and Talulah.


Gus is a love bug…some people seem to think he is autistic…but he isn’t…he is just a lump who happens to be a afraid of hardwood floors, plastic bags and hates it when he gets dingleberries.


Talulah is a feisty piece of work. She has what they call an overactive prey drive. Some of her victims have been a wasp, a small injured bird and even a squirrel…I will spare you the details of what she did to Ella the squeaky stuffed Elephant…it is not pretty. But check out those eyelashes…wouldn’t you just kill for that come hither look.

So I know that this post was kinda like the shameless, look at my cute kids, aren’t they cuter than yours thing. But that is ok. They are.

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Beverley Viljoen said...

I like them when they are pictures, and not licking my face. HOWEVER, they are doing a good job of not doing that.