Thursday, September 13, 2007

Your Corndog is Made of What?

I have a friend, bless her heart, who has a very sad illness. Actually, I don’t know that she is sick, but she has one symptom in particular that really does worry me.

She can’t taste.

Today she told me about this wonderful healthful “peanut butter” that is made from sunflower seeds instead of peanuts (so it is really sunflower butter) that “tastes great.”

When she talks about this type of healthy “just like the original” replacement food, I take it with a grain of salt…or whatever she uses instead of salt.

Splenda, veggie burgers, dairy-less cheese...nonsense! This girl eats soy corndogs…I mean…wtf? There has got to be something wrong with her…right?

I am starting a charitable organization (still working on a name…thinking something like For Crying Out Loud Give that Girl Some Flava…ok…I like one…we will go with FCOL GGSF) to collect junk food and supplies to help cure this horrible disease.

Together we can help stop the madness and give the gift of flavor.

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Jennifer said...

Okay, guilty.... I'm the freak who apparently has no "flava." But, in all seriousness, Trader Joes soy corndogs really do rock my world. Can't Believe it's Not Butter, spray butter..... even better.

Love you, Ash. Someday, I'm going to get a big-girl blog of my own and believe you me, there will be multiple entries on the marvel that is you, my little Ashlini.