Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Chicago? In November? Really? What moron decided that was a good time and place for a conference.

I am sitting here in my parka in my fancy hotel room contemplating starting a small fire in the corner to thaw my nose out, because no matter how far I crank the thermostat up...it remains just above zero up in here.

Yes I am a wussy Californian, used to my cushy state with its lavish sun and overly-temperate weather, but seriously…ITS COLD!

I would write about the Mr. Chatterbox and Stinky McStinkison that I sat between on flight here or the near fire-breathing rage that I experienced earlier today…but unfortunately as the temperature of my fingers drops, my number of typos increases…and just trying to type this has taken like four hours.


Troy said...

You need some hot chocolate, or a nice warm bath....

Jonathan said...

It always makes me smile when my cousin visits from SF - takes her days to get used to the cold (I live in the UK)

Needless to say, she now owns lots of woolen garments :)