Sunday, November 11, 2007

Full Member of the Pen 15 Club As of 11 A.M. This Morning

Ah San Francisco…the city by the bay…where people wear flowers in their hair and always leave their hearts behind. Cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, the sourdough…so many wonderful things are part of this beautiful city. What is my favorite? Hmmm…so hard to choose.

You know what isn’t hard to choose though? The worst thing in San Francisco. This is an easy one for me since I witnessed it today with my own eyes.

It was a lovely Sunday morning. The sunshine was peaking through the fluffy cloud cover in warm golden beams. The smell of wet pavement from the last night’s rain reached my nose as Boyfriend and I headed out of the city after a soccer game. As we looked out the window we saw joggers and people walking dogs…and oh…look there…a guy standing on the corner shaking something. “What is he shaking?” I asked myself as we neared his location. As we got closer I noticed the liquid stream that was also involved and the floppy pink protrusion that he was shaking. Yes…this man was peeing. Into the street. No attempt to hide it. OH. MY. GOD.

Appalled…that is what I am…APPALLED!


Beverley Viljoen said...

oh,'s so not that bad.
At least he was only could have been worse. I'm just sayin. It could have been worse.

Jonathan said...

I know this isn't the thing to write, but Beverley was right - there could have been so many worse things.

You only have to walk along Las Ramblas in Barcelona, and see the various livestock in cages to feel awful - knowing they will be chopped to pieces hours later, probably for sacrifices or sport.

Nathalie said...

At least nothing was "aimed" at you...that's always a pleasant surprise...

By the way, because of your blog title I thought up until the last few sentences of your post that some random stranger in SF wrote Pen 15 on your hand and you let them. Maybe I take things too literally.